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Employee Spotlight: Ali Ibrahim

October 31, 2022 : 3:44 pm

Meet Ali Ibrahim, the Deputy Director of Procurement and Warehouse Management department on this week’s Employee Spotlight. In his 15 years tenure at HDC, he is grateful for the opportunities that led him to climb the corporate ladder from Assistant Officer to Deputy Director. At the time he joined, procurement department was merely small in scale and scope, which later grew as the corporation expanded. He is now leading a team of 35 staff responsible for procuring materials to large developmental projects that build Hulhumalé, Gulhifalhu and Thilafushi.

Ali describes HDC as a fun workplace, with a comparatively challenging environment that not only contributed to his career growth but also added to his knowledge of business concepts and urban development. Living in Hulhumalé and contributing to its development has been the most rewarding aspect working at HDC for Ali.

He enjoys learning about new things as a way of enlightening his knowledge especially in areas of Science and Technology and is fond of smart home technologies. His subordinates describe him as a leader who inspires his employees to be their best selves.