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Employee Spotlight: Aminath Zahaan

September 29, 2022 : 4:36 pm

Today on Employee Spotlight, we bring you a face that is known and adored by everyone. Meet Zahaan, our very talented and Hardworking Assistant Director of Organizational Development section.

Zahaan started her career at HDC in 2011 as an Assistant Officer. The journey towards becoming Assistant Director has been insightful and rewarding in many aspects for her. Her contributions to the Human Resource department of HDC has been invaluable.

Zahaan has had the fortune of working in nearly all aspects of HR. From setting up the Talent Development section to leading the Organizational Development section, she is not just focused traditional HRM but also interested in becoming an HR partner.

Her team members describe her as an excellent team leader who has a fun personality. She has splendid people skills and is quite outspoken and determined in her line of work.

Zahaan has profoundly contributed to the HR of HDC today. She is also a member of Maldives Association of HR professionals where she works with her fellow HR professionals on developing the Human Resource of Maldives.

When asked what she loves about HDC, her response was teamwork. She is grateful to have had mentors who have helped her grow professionally. Zahaan loves the casual work environment of HDC where she believes that there is a great balance between results and fun.