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Employee Spotlight: Fathimath Shifa

December 29, 2022 : 12:07 pm

This week’s spotlight features Fathimath Shifa, Manager from Internal Audit Department. Shifa joined Team HDC in the year 2020 where she was able to become a member of a professional body and progress from a Senior Auditor to the Manager of Special Audit, within a short period of time. Her greatest accomplishment at HDC is becoming a part of and contributing to the growth and transformation of the Internal Audit Function of HDC on both at administrational and performance level.

As an Auditor at HDC, Shifa is able to work independently and objectively while performing the audit engagements and providing advisory. According to Shifa, her colleagues are the greatest strength, allowing her to work at a friendly and enjoyable work environment.

Shifa also mentions that working at HDC has propelled her to continuously seek and learn the contemporary auditing, investigative and reporting approaches, rather than the conventional styles. In addition, handling audit and advisory engagements on business-related and technical areas has given her the exposure to the corporate and industry at large, much needed to advance her knowledge and skills.

At times a book worm who loves reading, Shifa loves a good baking session during her free time. She also loves sewing and travelling to different places.