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Employee Spotlight: Mariyam Nisha

November 30, 2022 : 6:24 pm

This week’s employee spotlight features Mariyam Nisha, Assistant Administrative Officer of Administration section. She is responsible for dispatch, refreshment, and document management of administrative services, where she ensures all administrative tasks are completed efficiently and timely.

Working at HDC has helped her to develop strong customer relations skills, management skills, and problem-solving skills. She also gained valuable experience working in a team environment. These skills have been essential in helping her to succeed in her current role. Nisha’s current goal is to work towards her personal development.

Nisha describes HDC as a fun, with a convenient and comfortable work environment. Her team members always encouraged each other to work harder share ideas for improvement. She believes HDC is the right place where one can continue to grow their skills professionally and personally.

Warm hearted and kind, Nisha considers art as her hobby. She loves spending her free time sketching and describes it as her happy place. Nisha is an enthusiastic employee who always loves to help others. We are proud to have Nisha as part of Team HDC.