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Employee Spotlight: Mohamed Siraj

May 19, 2022 : 4:07 pm

Employees are not just a company’s backbone; they are its life force. This week, we bring you an employee who has been with our Human Resource team for over 14 years. Deputy Director, Mohamed Siraj, is a valuable asset who has been foundational in establishing our human resource function. He currently oversees the human resource function along with the department head, contributing his vast knowledge towards the day-to-day human resource management activities, human resource development initiatives and change management programs. A family man and a loving father, he balances his work-life well by developing a team capable of working independently. He enjoys quiet time with family during the weekend and loves taking vacations to his native island L. Fonadhoo whenever he can.

Little over two years after joining HDC, Siraj was awarded the opportunity to pursue higher education overseas, under the company’s Long-Term Training Scheme. He acknowledges how this opportunity has paved the way to become a successful human resource professional, well-known in the Maldives. A true testament to this is the fact that, he has been recognized amongst the top 50 HR leaders in the Maldives. His accomplishments at HDC include several successful human resource systems, initiatives and programs that have contributed largely in managing and developing the unique workforce that we are proud of today.

He believes that HDC is a place that enables employees to grow with opportunities to widen field experience while giving exposure in the competitive labor market. Siraj enjoys the internal growth opportunities and the challenging yet rewarding work that has shaped the culture at HDC. He is certain that it is the talented and qualified workforce at HDC that has helped the corporation in achieving the scale of developments we see in Hulhumalé today.

Being the longest serving employee in the department, his knowledge and experiences are invaluable in the smooth functioning of the HR department. Described by his superior, he is a very level-headed leader who can make informed decisions even under pressure. He is a confident decision maker and gives valuable advice to the team and management.

We are proud to have such an employee in our company and wish him further growth in the future.