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Urban October – Towards a Better Urban Future

October 11, 2022 : 9:14 am

More than half of the world’s population live in cities and towns. This number is growing every day with the advancement of technology and modernization. October marks the month of urbanization, giving an opportunity for people around the world to talk about challenges and opportunities created by the fast pace of change in city development.

Housing Development Corporation as the master developer of Hulhumalé, has harnessed transformational change to ensure a better life for the citizens of Maldives in this urbanizing world. Currently home to 92,000 people, Hulhumalé has become the most livable city of the nation. The city targets to house 230,000 citizens once fully developed giving ample opportunities to live a happier, more advanced life.

Hulhumalé has created over 100,039 job opportunities bridging the gap for unemployed individuals seeking jobs. More and more commercial establishments are underway giving unique opportunities for small, medium and large enterprises to thrive in the growing market.

As for the most recent social developments, HDC welcomed new signatories for the commitment of four transformational social projects in Hulhumalé, addressing the neglected challenges of the community. These include the development of a parking building, a worker’s accommodation, an auto center and a daycare center in Hulhumalé. Such establishments will help ease the congestion of Greater Malé region, provide adequate housing for thousands of labor workers, and proper spaces for garage service providers. Not to mention the professional daycare service for the working parents who struggle to balance work life.

The outlook of Hulhumalé has given hope and life for many individuals besieged with the challenges of life, easing them with modern solutions to live a great life. HDC aims to build an inclusive environment for all, through engagement of each individual voice in the development of Hulhumalé.