“An urban getaway” 

Positioned as the ultimate urban getaway of Maldives, Kudagiri is the perfect spot for its visitors to disconnect from the turmoil of city life and relax with friends and family. Just 20 minutes away from the capital city of Male, Kudagiri is a well-planned picnic island perfectly placed with 8 hectares of reclaimed and developed land.  

The island was designated as a picnic island and developed for the residents of the greater Malé region as a place to escape the busy life of the congested central area of the country. Aside from the true beauty of its island nature, the island has a fun and colorful ambiance that’s Instagram worthy and a ton of activities for anyone looking to have a change of pace from the everyday routine lives. Breaking the traditional local perception of a picnic island, the Kudagiri Picnic Island will bring on a modern twist as the ultimate urban getaway of Maldives.