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Central Park

June 15, 2022 : 12:59 pm

The lush green open space, so attractive for us locals, pulls you towards every single time, even if it’s for a quick glance. Central Park is the biggest green open space in Hulhumalé. The park is divided into 4 main sectors – a leisure zone, an interactive zone, a recreational zone and a mosque zone with the largest water fountain in the Maldives.

For locals and visitors, it is a place of peace, to sit under a shade tree finally overcoming that writer’s block you have been battling with for weeks or finishing that essay that is soon due, simply reading your favorite book while the breeze drifts through, a perfect setting for a family gathering or for a pre-dawn run around the 8 hectares of land, all away from the hectic city life. Leisure zone has become one of the best photography spots in Hulhumalé so far. Weekends are entirely filled with photo shoots on the viewing platform, near the pond or the overall green scene of the leisure zone.

A designated outdoor gym space is placed in the recreational zone. Dawn to late at night, these places are usually full of runners and walkers. While all these developments are present for the locals and visitors, it does not stop them from enjoying a run on the roads surrounded by trees in Hulhumalé. Over time Hulhumalé has made running a favorite past time.

During the weekends and evenings, youngsters take over the skating area in the recreational zone. Earlier, the absence of space for the sport caused people to miss out on this activity. Now, little children and youngsters often free their time for this exciting sport.

Our aim in developing Central Park is so transparent that it can be seen in what Central Park is today, and by how enjoyed it is by both locals and visitors, even when the construction of the park is not entirely completed. Interactive zone, mosque zone and some components of the recreational zone are at the moment, under construction. Leisure zone is the only zone in the Central Park that is complete.

Hulhumalé aspires outdoorsy spirit and encourages new health trends in keeping our community healthy and through Central Park, one can not only revel in nature here, but it can be alive and a place for social and cultural exchange. Completion of Central Park will leave you a sight to behold and much for our community to relish.